HEMIGARD ARS device (Box of 12)

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HEMIGARD® ARS (Adhesive Suture Retention) strips protect the wound edges of suture-based skin closures during surgery and postoperatively. These patented strips prevent suture-induced skin tearing and improve perfusion by 25% versus suture alone. In multicenter clinical trials, use of HEMIGARD® ARS strips has been shown to reduce lower extremity postoperative wound dehiscence by 81-89% versus standard layered closure. Adhere one HEMIGARD® ARS strip to clean, dry skin on each side of a surgical skin wound closure and suture through its holes with nonabsorbable suture (2-0 nylon recommended).  HEMIGARD® ARS strips remain on the skin around the wound closure to protect it postoperatively. Great for fragile skin and any "at risk" closure (e.g. lower extremity, orthopedic, vascular). Each box contains 12 sterile, singe-use, disposable pouches. Each pouch contains one pair of latex-free HEMIGARD® ARS strips.