SUTUREGARD ISR device (Box of 12)

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SUTUREGARD® ISR (Intraoperative Skin Relaxation) device facilitates intraoperative tension reduction of skin wound closures. Perform a wide-bite (10mm from wound edge) simple interrupted nonabsorbable suture (0 nylon recommended) on each side of wound, thread the suture ends through the patented SUTUREGARD® ISR bridge, increase tension on the suture and allow the SUTUREGARD® ISR bridge to protect the skin edges from the suture and/or clamps. Use the included optional washer to keep suture strands together. Remove the SUTUREGARD® ISR bridge and washer prior to final closure. Just 30 minutes of SUTUREGARD® ISR-facilitated skin relaxation has been shown to reduce scalp wound tension by 65%. Great for Mohs surgery! Relax the wound while tissue is being processed! Each box of SUTUREGARD® IRS contains 12 sterile, single-use, disposable pouches. Each pouch contains one SUTUREGARD® ISR bridge and one washer.